Welcome to Brighton Tango

This is the Brighton Tango website with information about Argentine Tango in Brighton & Hove. You will find information below about tango classes, milongas in the Brighton area and practicas. Our aim is to offer an environment to dance to a good standard in a friendly atmosphere. If you have any queries the head of the school Carola Degener-Pereira will be happy to help by Email: brighton_carola@hotmail.com or phone: 01273 772462


Why dance the tango?

Argentine Tango is an intimate dance that can be danced with simple moves or elaborate moves depending on the mood of the music and couple. With its origins dating back to late 19th century Buenos Aires it contains a sultry blend of African and European influences that have created a dance that is challenging and rewarding. Our philosophy is to teach traditional Argentine Tango in the salon style whilst embracing new elements in the dance. We foster a friendly and inclusive environment.

Details of classes and events are posted on this website, via email on the Brighton Tango email list, and on the Brighton Tango Facebook page.

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