This is brief introduction to “Tango Nuevo” “Electro Tango” – just to give a quick guide to the main acts to look out for/check on youtube.
I love tango nuevo with a caveat I’ll come to later.

The More famous groups…

The whole genre started with Gotan Project who formed in 1999 – this was a pivotal time in the modern development of tango for reasons I’ll again come to later! Gotan project took tango music and added Electro elements to create a new type of tango music which combines traditional themes with modern techniques and percussion. It has proved hugely successful
and has crossed into the mainstream – “Epoca” and “Santa Maria” to give just 2 examples are widely recognised tracks.

Bajofondo whose main protagonist is Gustavo Santaolalla came soon afterwards with some great tracks including their most famous upbeat track “Pa’ Bailar ” and late night mood music like “Montserrat”. Santaolalla wrote the soundtrack for The Motorcycle Diaries and has had numerous other projects such as the TV series Narcos.

Formed by Carlos Libedinsky in 2003 many will recognise “Ví Luz y Subí” and “Plano Secuncia”. They have their own distinctive mesmerising sound. Try out

Tanghetto was formed in 2002 by Max Masri. I like “Alexanderplatz Tango” and they do an interesting cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday”.

Formed in 2003 – all of them started around then it seems. They have a very distinctive sound with tracks such as “Milonga sentimental” and “Sin Rumbo” being popular examples.

& Some other notable acts…

Some very nice music but as the name suggest more in chillout zone – perhaps lacking the punch to play in a milonga although I’ve played “Nostalgias del Boulevard” late at night. Less well known band but still around.

Don’t know much about them but they once played the Komedia in Brighton and have put out a couple of CDs.

Tango Fusion Club
See what you think of this remix:

Juan Carlos Cáceres
A very interesting figure who ceated some modern tango classics such as “Melingo” and “Tango Negro” – played to death but still great.

Caveat: Tango Nuevo has some great music and creates some nice contrasts in an evening of tango music. 2-3 tracks is all I can take in 1 go after that it becomes a mush in my head. But if the dj gets it right the dance floor is very often full when the best of these groups are played. Bear in mind that some of these tracks are 5-6 minutes long so 2 track tandas make sense to me.

Why was 1999 so important? – see you next time!