Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango with  its origins dating back to late 19th century Buenos Aires, contains a sultry blend of African and European influences that have created a dance that is both challenging and rewarding. 

It is a unique dance in which two people come together and use movement and music to interpret and create, each time, their own completely new dance with every piece of music played.  Argentine Tango is not a ‘quick fix’ but grows with you the deeper you go….

….one thing that attracts people to tango is also the thing which puts off some people i.e. it is a journey.  It may take a while to feel comfortable to dance in a Milonga but to explore all aspects that Tango offers is a never ending experience as it is always evolving, creating more interesting challenges keeping the dance fresh.

Is this a dance for all ages? Until the last 10 years tango was perceived as being for people over a certain age! Now the milongas are increasingly attended by all age groups.